VASTON-BV rechauffe of beech and oak wood

About us


About us

Vaston-BV Ltd

Vaston-BV Ltd. Is established in 2005 in Sliven. The company runs its own production base, lying on 5000 square meters, employing 30 highly qualified workers and specialists. Our professionals contribute meeting the requirements of the Bulgarian market in a highly effective way. We process over 500m3 of deciduous (oak, beech) and coniferous wood monthly. The extractive region is located around Tvarditsa, Elena, Sliven, Kotel, Omurtag.

The production cycle is full and the work is done. The logs are processed based on the client’s requests. In our sawmill beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) with mass 720 kg/m3 is commonly bucked. The parameters of the beech makes it the best and most used timber. It is usually used in the furniture industry, turnery, industrial details etc. The common beech is of white wood with yellow or reddish tones and has highly separated heart-shaped rays which form beautiful texture while being processed.

We offer our clients high quality timber, produced in Bulgaria as well as wooden details in different sizes of common beech, loose ware, half-edged boards, planks and beech details of different sizes.